Dr. Rhys Borchert

Postdoctoral fellow

Theoretical Philosophy

Baderstr. 6 - 2nd floor left - Room 2.01

17489 Greifswald


Tel.: +49 3834 420 3458


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Short CV

Short CV

Rhys Borchert is a postdoctoral fellow in Theoretical Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Greifswald.

He earned a BA in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2014), an MA in Philosophy from the University of Oxford (2017), and received a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Arizona (2024).

Journal articles (peer-reviewed)

Journal articles (peer-reviewed)

  • Rhys Borchert (2023). Unspecific evidence and normative theories of decision. Episteme, forthcoming [PDF].
  • Rhys Borchert (2023). Reflection, fallibilism, and doublethink. Inquiry, forthcoming [PDF].
  • Rhys Borchert and Jack Spencer (2023). Newcomb, frustrated. Analysis, forthcoming.
  • Rhys Borchert and Aliya R. Dewey (2023). In praise of animals. Biology and Philosophy, 38, article 24, 1-26 [PDF].
  • Yili Zhou and Rhys Borchert (2023). The perils of rejecting the parity argument. Philosophy, 98, 215-241 [PDF].
Book chapter

Book chapter

  • Rhys Borchert, Juan Comesaña, and Timothy Kearl (2024). Knowledge from blindspots. In: R. Borges and I. Schnee (eds.). Illuminating Errors: New Essays on Knowledge from Non-Knowledge (pp. 76-91), New York: Routledge.



  • Rhys Borchert (2024). Variations on Empirical Justification, PhD thesis, Department of Philosophy, University of Arizona.