Asking and Answering (September 17th--19th, 2020)

Rivalling Approaches to Interrogative Methods


Each time that Plato made his Socrates initiate a philosophical conversation, everywhere throughout the medieval disputations, and also in the philosopher's day-to-day struggle questions are a central tool. But there is no unifying philosophical framework for the categorization, formalization and regulation of questions, although there have been numerous offers. This conference/workshop addresses the justification and comparison of different approaches to questions. In particular, the participants strive to

  1. formulate general problems for a formal treatment of questions,
  2. compare different frameworks for formal questions with regard to how they categorize and formalize questions,
  3. compare different frameworks with regard to how they regulate the practices of asking and answering,
  4. investigate specific kinds of questions and how they can be treated in a given framework, and
  5. situate the activities of asking and answering in a wider framework of cognitive discourse.


  • Ivano Ciardelli (LMU München)
  • Moritz Cordes (Universität Greifswald)
  • Joshua Habgood-Coote (University of Bristol)
  • Yacin Hamami (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
  • David L. Hitchcock (McMaster, Hamilton)
  • Manfred Krifka (ZAS Berlin)
  • Dorota Leszczynska-Jasion (AMU Poznan)
  • Jared A. Millson (CSU Bakersfield)
  • Floris Roelofsen (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
  • Lani Watson (University of Edinburgh)
  • Andrzej Wisniewski (AMU Poznan)


Due to the pandemic the whole event will be digital. The opening lecture on September 17th, 6 pm will be given by Ivano Ciardelli: Why we need a Question Semantics. This lecture and discussion will be open for everybody who wants to attend. Here is the link to the streaming YouTube channel:

All other talks will be held via Jitsi on September 18th and 19th from 1 pm to 9 pm. (The times are chosen in order to accomodate the respective time-zones of all speakers.) Each speaker submits a 10-page preread which they will rehash/develop/complement in a 20-minutes talk before a 40-minute discussion. For the detailed schedule, see below. The talks will be held on the digital platform Jitsi in a password-secure "room": NOTE: You need to use the Google Chrome browser or the Jitsi App to use Jitsi!

[DETAILED SCHEDULE] (September 16th)

Registration is free but space is limited. If you would like to attend, please send an email to the organizers: cordesm ätt uni-greifswald dött de.


This event is funded by the Theoria program of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as part of the project Logik des Fragens: Zur Reglementierung des interrogativen Vollzugs (UG 15), supervised by Geo Siegwart. It is kindly supported by the chair of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Greifswald. Moritz Cordes acts as head organizer. Assistant organizers are Victoria Oertel and Laura Schmalenbach. Please direct any inquiries at cordesm ätt uni-greifswald dött de.

Publication Efforts

A volume is in the making which includes papers given at the conference as well as additional peer-reviewed contributions by non-speakers/non-participants. Please see the Call for Papers for details.